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Finally, after a crapload of procrastinating, I managed to upload our new album to soundcloud. Yes, you are reading correctly, the album has gone to soundcloud. However, due to unknown reasons, the intro track “Winterzeit” cannot be posted there. maybe it’s too short, maybe soundcloud just does not like it. Whatever tf it is, it did not work. Remembering how much trouble I had with Jamendo with this release, I am not asking myself again how can there be so many obstacles we had to overcome with this album. Enjoy it while you can and if you like it, but it for less than 4 bucks on bandcamp!

It has been quite some time since the last update, so here is something new to read. As you might remember, we are looking for means to get One Dice live on stage and the planning has entered the first serious stage. The set of instruments needed was determined to be two singers, a violin, one or two cellos, a bass, a piano and percussion. So we were looking for a total of eight people optimally. Finding classical instruments is not that easy as you might think. I tried something like this ten years ago with the first album. In the past I wrote a note for the board in a musicians school where I knew were loads of people playing classical instruments. I got very few replies - I think it were three - to the note and each of them was offering an instrument I did not need. So my exppectations were low, but my enthusiasm and my will to get it done this time are still thee. So after talking to a few people I saw playing on an event, I came in contact with a musician who plays cello. We talked and agreed that I would send her a few samples of our songs. And so I did. After her vacation we talked again and she told me that she was interested in playing those songs live with me. She even mentioned someone else, playing the violin who is interested aswell. Shortly after that I met another musician who plays bass. And to make long things short, I have the starting few people for our live band. One cello, the bass, the violin, one singer and another half one - meaning undecided yet, but I am working on that. So, what is left is someone who plays the piano and someone with percussion. Ideally I’d like to have another chellist, but We could theoretically manage without it. I am happy to see that we are going somewhere and that we hopefully can start practising in 2022. If you know someone around Osnabrück/Germany who plays one of the instruments needed, please send uns an email or message. That would be much appreciated.

What is next?

Afer a release is before a new project, am I right? So, I’d like to give you an update on what we are working on now. Actually there are two projects in the pipeline, but they are in very early stages. The first one being a special edition of our album “Niemandsland”. A good friend of mine loved the album a lot an felt inspired by it. She is a writer and after I talked to her for some time, I asked here if she was interested in writing some texts for the album to put inbetween the songs. They should have some relation to the overall topic of the album or the theme of the song, but I told her, she could express her in every word she wants to. And she agreed to do so. So now we are waiting on those texts to happen and then we will record them, maybe put atmospheric sounds with them and then try and see if it works together.
The second thing we are working on is to get people to perform the album live infront of a crowd. This week I prepared an excerpt of the songs we would love to see being played live and handed it over to the leader of a small chamber music band. She was generally interested in playing, but has no idea what the music is about. So she took the CD and will now listen to it, together with some of the band members. If they like it, we may get into planning on how we can make One Dice live a thing. Luckily the restrictions from Corona are lifted one by one, so practicing together is a thing again.
I will keep you updated on both process as they progress.

Finally it has been done. Our Album “Niemandsland” is finally fully available at Jamendo. There were some issues with two tracks but those are now solved. I would like to thank the very friendly Jamendo staff for taking care of that and helping me through the process. If you don’t want to download the Bandcamp version (and with it support us) but still listen to our album, you can now go there and download it for free. You are missing out on the high quality version and the booklet with all songtexts and photos.

One Dice - Niemandsland

Please enjoy and feel invited to drop us some feedback.

Finally here it is. The new studio album from One Dice called “Niemandsland”. And without further ado, here are the links where you can get it:

For the people who like a lossless version with a high quality cd cover and a 24 pages full color booklet pdf, containing all the songtexts and photos, go here:

One Dice bandcamp page

For the people who just want to listen to it, go here (coming soon due to issues):

One Dice Jamendo page

Somehow Jamendo managed to not add 2 tracks to the album (Niemandsland / Die Stimme aus dem Wasser) and the interface does not let us add them. We contacted them and are waiting for a reply.